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Our Story

Our Story Started about a year ago.  When racing is in your blood everything else comes naturally.  We were always at a race, sometimes 3 times a month.  And of course always camping.  We bought a camera to capture all these beautiful moments.  Sunsets, Dust, Dirt, Cars, Bikes, Quads, Kidds, happy moments, sad moments, exciting moments, extreme moments and just all sorts of moments.  We realised we had a love for photography.  Still in the beginning stages of capturing those special moments we are learning every day and loving every moment of it.

Starting out with one standard bottom of the range camera we managed to capture moments that someone out there loved.  Now sharing a camera between the two of us became a bit of a challenge.  It meant one was looking and one was shooting.  This also meant messing up the other one's settings and then of course the photo, so before we got to divorce stages we decided to take the plunge and get a second camera, just to keep the peace we said, but we all know better.  It was more so we can both do something we love together.

So now our life story goes like this.  The word TOGETHER is a huge word in our dictionary.  We live together (lots of love there), work together (still some love), and then comes the rest RACING AND PHOTOGRAPHY!  Everything we do we do it together.  We have now taken it a step further to include a awesome new adventure for us, PRINTING.  Together with the photography to make memory's, we are now also offering a printing service on Shirts, cups, plates, glass, you name it.

This all so that we could further our learning experience and grow what we love doing.  Keeping memory's alive.

I am Tanya Wilkinson the one half and the better half (he says) Steed Wilkinson, TOGETHER we are Wilkinson Photography, happy to be snapping away for you.  Steed gets to go a bit more into the field taking awesome shots of the guys out there where a lot of us don't get to go.  Myself I stay in the pits for the prize givings, pits, kiddies, magic moments with family, and of course the starts, where it all begins, and ends.

Our future plans are to learn as much as possible and expand our photography a bit more to other fields. 

Looking forward to seeing you out there.


Volgende AOR is Sannieshof!  Sien julle daar!

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